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Sharon Gamble

Sharon Gamble is the founder and director of Sweet Selah Ministries, a ministry that encourages women to ‘take time to know God and love Him more and more.’ She is a wife, mother, grandmother, blogger, and frequent speaker at women’s events. Sharon enjoys helping women develop their relationship with God through her writing, relationships, and speaking engagements.


Karen Sebastian-Wirth

Karen Sebastian-Wirth is an author, blogger, and gifted speaker who candidly shares from the rich experiences of her life. As an ordained minister, business woman, and entrepreneur, she shares the message of hope in many venues, including seminars, leadership training, and communication topics in Fortune 500 companies.


Katie Hopmann-Simpson

Katie Hopmann-Simpson is a gifted author-illustrator who uses art to speak deeply to people’s hearts. She studied Studio Art, Writing, and Christian Studies at Ouachita Baptist University, where she earned her B.A. and won numerous awards for her work. Called to communicate truth through children’s literature, Katie now spends her time writing and illustrating books for children.

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Paul Clayton Gibbs

Paul Clayton Gibbs is the Founder and Global Director of Pais, an international movement of missionaries making missionaries. A visionary who seeks to advance the Kingdom of God, Paul pioneered Pais as an inter-denominational youth and schools ministry, and has overseen its expansion into churches and businesses covering six continents. Paul teaches throughout the world on topics which include pioneering, leadership development, and the Kingdom of God.

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Mark Nathan Riley

Mark Riley serves as Global Training Director of the Pais Movement in Arlington, Texas, where he currently lives with his wife and three young boys. In 2010 Mark started ‘Because You’re Loved’ as an initiative aimed at providing simple tools for people to share God’s love with those around them. ‘Because You’re Loved’ started with just seventy-five volunteers, and has now been adopted by teams and churches throughout the world, mobilizing thousands to share their faith in their everyday life each year.


Nick Person

Nick Person has been in full time ministry for fourteen years. He currently serves as the teaching pastor at New Vision Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee. He has had many opportunities to communicate the gospel and has a passion to share the steps of walking out your faith. He is a husband, a dad, and enjoys the opportunity he gets to display the gospel through his job and through his life outside of church.

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Jeff Lupinacci

Jeff Lupinacci is a marketplace missionary and a business executive who has worked with global companies like Intel Corp and Kimberly-Clark. Jeff is a husband, a father of two great kids, and a frequent conference speaker. He currently lives in North Texas with his family.