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Kingdom Patterns

Why does it seem difficult to get a straight answer from God?
“Lord, where should I go? What should I do?”

Could it be that it is difficult to give a good answer to a bad question?

In Kingdom Patterns, author Paul Clayton Gibbs presents five diagrams to help you understand where God is leading you and what will happen next. Plus, he offers you an alternative question to ask.

After all, a better question leads to a better answer.

Note: A previous edition of this book was titled, The Seed and the Cloud: The Kingdom Patterns

Paul Clayton Gibbs

Paul Clayton Gibbs is the Founder and Global Director of Pais, an international movement of missionaries making missionaries. A visionary who seeks to advance the Kingdom of God, Paul pioneered Pais as an inter-denominational youth and schools ministry, and has overseen its expansion into churches and businesses covering six continents. Paul teaches throughout the world on topics which include pioneering, leadership development, and the Kingdom of God.

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