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The Power of Hope for Prodigals

Has your loved one lost the way?

If your child has taken a prodigal path, you need the transforming power of hope. Candidly sharing from her personal journey with a daughter whose life took an alarming detour, “The Hope Lady” Karen Sebastian offers refreshing Biblical perspectives, which will help you receive and impart God’s gift of hope. Rather than dealing with external manifestations of rebellion, The Power of Hope for Prodigals addresses issues of the heart and leads the reader to pray accordingly. Discover practical steps to establish hope in the midst of dark times. Learn how to see your child through the Father’s eyes. Speak words of hope and encouragement. Prepare the way home—it’s shorter than you think.

Available in English and Spanish.

Karen Sebastian-Wirth

Karen Sebastian-Wirth is an author, blogger, and gifted speaker who candidly shares from the rich experiences of her life. As an ordained minister, business woman, and entrepreneur, she shares the message of hope in many venues, including seminars, leadership training, and communication topics in Fortune 500 companies.