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The King’s Invitation

Many are invited, but few actually go

This beautifully designed, touching children’s book teaches children and adults alike about the invitation we all receive from our King.

In this wonderful story by author and illustrator Katie Hopmann, follow the travels of a boy on his journey to see the King. Along the way, he meets others who have plenty of excuses not to go with him. Instead, they load him down with well-meaning gifts and advice.

It’s a lot to carry!

Will he make it to the Royal City? Or will he give up?

Find out who he meets that makes the difference.

Katie Hopmann-Simpson

Katie Hopmann-Simpson is a gifted author-illustrator who uses art to speak deeply to people’s hearts. She studied Studio Art, Writing, and Christian Studies at Ouachita Baptist University, where she earned her B.A. and won numerous awards for her work. Called to communicate truth through children’s literature, Katie now spends her time writing and illustrating books for children.