The Power of Hope in Mourning

Do you feel overwhelmed by grief?

True grief is often messy, raw, and random. Waves of sadness can wash over you at any time, threatening to drown you in despair. Hope Catalyst Karen Sebastian teaches you to ‘ride’ those waves, demonstrating how the very pain that threatens to destroy you can push you into the presence of God where hope and healing await. Gently walking with you through the mourning process, she offers practical guidelines and spiritual wisdom that will keep you moving forward. A subtle shift in perspective can renew your hope and allow you to face each day with joy and strength.

Karen Sebastian-Wirth

Karen Sebastian-Wirth is an author, blogger, and gifted speaker who candidly shares from the rich experiences of her life. As an ordained minister, business woman, and entrepreneur, she shares the message of hope in many venues, including seminars, leadership training, and communication topics in Fortune 500 companies.