How to study anything with anyone

Jesus’s style of teaching was fundamentally different from contemporary Christian Bible study. Yet, the means by which Jesus understood and unpacked the scriptures are completely relevant today.


How to Disciple Anyone in Anything

Jesus not only commanded discipleship, He modeled it for us. Why then do so many struggle to disciple others effectively? Is it because we ourselves have never been properly discipled?

Because You’re Loved

Show the Faith. Share the Faith. Bring the Faith.

This simple guide equips groups of believers with the tools to become a catalyst of transformation in their community.

Kingdom Patterns

Discover God’s direction

Why does it seem difficult to get a straight answer from God?

“Lord, where should I go? What should I do?”

Kingdom Principles

develop godly character

Is adhering to a list of rules really what God wants from us?

“What must I do? What can I get away with?”

Kingdom Pioneering

fulfill god’s calling

Why do so few of us fulfill our God-given dreams?

“Why is this happening? Did I misunderstand God’s call?”

The King’s Invitation

Many are invited, but few actually go

Follow the travels of a boy on his journey to see the King. Along the way, he meets others who have plenty of excuses not to go with him. Instead, they load him down with well-meaning gifts and advice.

The Power of Hope in Mourning

Do you feel overwhelmed by grief?

True grief is often messy, raw, and random. Waves of sadness can wash over you at any time, threatening to drown you in despair.

The Power of Hope for Prodigals

Has your loved one lost the way?

If your child has taken a prodigal path, you need the transforming power of hope. Candidly sharing from her personal journey with a daughter whose life took an alarming detour.

The Power of Hope for Caregivers

Do you feel as if you are navigating through unchartered territory?

Caring for the needs of a dependent loved one can be a long, sometimes frightening task—like rafting through deep canyons filled with treacherous whitewater rapids.


Only Ten

Lessons from Lot on Living a Life of Influence

In this compelling book, authors Jeff Lupinacci and Nick Person examine the life of Lot through the lens of the Great Commission.

Sweet Selah Moments

Encouragement for Everyday Living

Stop and sit for a few quiet moments...and rest in a ‘sweet selah moment’ with the Word of God. A selah is a short pause or break in the normal pattern of a psalm or a song or a life.