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Kingdom Pioneering

Why do so few of us fulfill our God-given dreams?
“Why is this happening? Did I misunderstand God’s call?”

Do we give up because we think things are going wrong, when they are actually going right? In Kingdom Pioneering, author Paul Clayton Gibbs explains how to know if your vision is from God, presents the four stages it will go through, and gives advice to navigate their dangers.

After all, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Note: Previously published as The Line and the Dot: The Kingdom Pioneers

Paul Clayton Gibbs

Paul Clayton Gibbs is the Founder and Global Director of the Pais Movement, an international movement of missionaries making missionaries. A visionary who seeks to advance the Kingdom of God, Paul pioneered Pais as an inter-denominational youth and schools ministry, and has overseen its expansion into churches and businesses covering six continents. Paul teaches throughout the world on topics which include pioneering, leadership development, and the Kingdom of God.

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