Mark Nathan Riley

Because You’re Loved: Miracles

When I was growing up my grandparents false teeth fascinated me.

Their teeth sitting in a glass by their bedsides seemed curiously strange but yet the idea of being able to take your teeth out oddly interested me. In fact I think I can even remember asking my parents why I couldn’t take my teeth out as well.

Because You’re Loved: Generosity

Last week I read an article about someone in New York who had become so concerned about members of his community struggling to afford to eat that he built and stocked a food box in his front garden/yard. As his neighbourhood heard about his initiative, people who had the means to helped him keep it stocked and together as a community through generosity they began to take care of those who needed help.

Because You’re Loved: Liberation

There is something that feels a little strange about navigating some of the process of relocating to the States on a day like today.

Not strange in a bad way but just an entertaining sort of strange, that my slightly odd sense of humour finds weirdly amusing as we ready ourselves to move to Texas while our soon to be neighbours celebrate throwing off the colonial shackles and their independence.

Tour Guide: A Model For Mobilising Everyday Mission

If you were to walk into the local tourist office in the town where I live they might show you some of the local attractions like The Giants Causeway, Mussendun Temple, Dunluce Castle or the Carrick -a- Rede Rope Bridge.

They will probably give you some information about them all and if your lucky they mightdig out a map to help you find them or point you in the direction of the nearest public transport.